Thursday, July 1, 2010

Captain America #601 Original Art for Sale

We are now accepting blind bids for the following Captain America #601 pages, which is up for the Eisner Award this year. This book is also significant because it’s Gene’s final Captain America book, and likely the end of his Marvel work (after 65 years!)

Minimum bids are listed. If we get solid, fair offers, we may stop the bidding at any time and notify you that the page is yours. Don’t wait until an item you want has been sold. And don't wait for other pages to be put up for sale; same may sell privately or never be offered.

You will pay exact UPS packing and shipping fees plus sales tax. Descriptions of the pages that we are selling and minimum bids are below. High bidders will be notified by July 19. To bid, write In the subject line, put the page # that you are bidding on and your bid.

Page 26 – (3 small panels, one large panel; Bucky and soldiers) $350
Page 27 – (4 panels, soldiers, action) $200
Page 28 – (4 small panels, one large panel; Capt. America in one panel) $375
Page 29 – (2 small panels, one large panel of Capt. America head, vampire, werewolf) $225
Page 30 – (5 panels; Capt. America in 4 panels, one with Bucky) $500
Page 31 – (3 panels; one half+splash w/ multiple Capt. America images) $450
Page 32 – (3 panels; HALF-SPLASH of Capt. America’s back, Cap also in 2nd lg panel) $400
Page 33 – (3 panels; Capt. America in 2; all action) $450
Page 34 – (3 panels; Capt. America in 2; Bucky in one; all action) $375
Page 35 – (4 panels; Bucky vs. vampire; all action) $350
Page 36 – (5 panels; detailed WW II scene; Capt. America in one panel, Bucky in another) $450
Page 37 – (5 panels; Capt. America in 4 panels) $450
Page 38 – (5 panels; Capt. America in 2 panels) $450
Page 39 – (3 panels; Capt. America and Bucky vs. vampire, action) $400
Page 40 – (4 panels; one large panel of Nick Fury with Obama in background, Bucky in all the rest) $500

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