Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Gene Colan Blog Returns

We will be revamping this blog and selling more items of Gene's, as well as using this forum to post his new commission work.

Here's a typical inquiry:

I've been a fan of Gene's from the Rampaging Hulk days. I went to his web site and see that the store is down and was wondering if he's still doing commissions. If so, I'm inquiring into the price of a Hulk transformation piece in inks. 5 characters in landscape - from Bruce to the Hulk (left to right) on 11 x 17. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Answer: While Gene is not keen on drawing the Hulk in any event ("He's too ugly," said Gene, "and I've only done him a few times professionally") he would do this piece but only as 11x17 so that he could do it justice, and the cost is $1000 for tight pencils. Understand that he gets a lot of requests and can be picky as he is very slow in turning things around now.

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  1. É muito bom poder rever a arte do mestre Colan. Tempo era aquele em que a Marvel tinha, de fato, um grande time de artístas. Pena que esse tempo já passou. Gene Colan e Joe Sinnot eram uma dupla imbatível.
    Congratulations by the site, Meth!


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