Monday, May 9, 2011

Colan on Kirby and Buscema

Was the asking price too high? Or did you folks miss these? We have two extraordinary cover re-imaginings from the team of Gene Colan and Michael Netzer. We're lowering the starting opening bid to $1000 each. See the images by clicking here.


  1. Both are gorgeous -- in the original and in the re-imaginings. Sadly, my funds are best conserved for a while, until my own medical treatment is confirmed as having taken care of the illness as planned. If so, I'll be in okay financial shape later in the game.
    But I certainly hope these bring in the money sought.

  2. .Amen! Mike and Gene did a stellar job. Though even I can't really tell who did what; just that both super-talented and skilled artisans made beautiful work! The Thor is my favorite.

    Thanks, Cliff!


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