Sunday, July 17, 2011

Don McGregor: Art for Medicine

Sorry to be so blunt but facts are facts. Don McGregor's elderly mother and other family medical needs have forced this fine man and fierce writer to put his personal collection of art (from stories he wrote) on the selling block.

I won't allow art dealers to steal these from him. And I am not expert enough, despite the posturing, to know what these pieces are really worth. So here's the deal: Some friends of mine and I are bidding on Don's art while spreading the word far and wide. We are hoping you'll beat our bids because we want Don to get top dollar. And we hope that you will help spread the word. The bidding can end at any time (just as soon as Don says, "I'll take it!") But let's not let this drag out too long, chums. Let's pretend we actually learned something from those superheroes we grew up reading when Don was still writing them.

What else can you do? If you're an artist, a small drawing would be nice. Black Panther, Killraven...something that Don worked on for sentimental reasons. I'll be the first bidder and I'll bid generously... and I expect others to do the same. Let's make the world go round.

Note: If you know Don, contact him directly. If you don't, you can meet him on FaceBook. I'm not the gatekeeper--just a facilitator.

Current bid on the piece you see on this page: $2500. There's many more below.

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